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The wearable device was designed at MIT to monitor bladder and kidney health.

Israel allows limited fuel to enter Gaza.

President Biden stands by Israel's refusal for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Catholics of the Greek-Catholic rite in Argentina commemorated Saint Josaphat -- martyr of communion with Rome.

The international order that was founded in 1945 belongs to the previous century and no longer works.

Physicists isolated ultra-thin flakes of pencil lead in a specific order, rendering a material that can exhibit properties never seen before.

Israeli Defense Forces are now operating within the Al-Shifa Hospital complex in Gaza, where Hamas operates its subterranean headquarters.

Doom and gloom about a population boom just went bust in China.

Biden administration again sanctions Hamas and its leadership.

As the brutal war in Gaza moves into its next phase, we must never forget that Hamas’ evil surprise attack on Israeli civilians was the spark that caused the fire.